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Here are just a few very good reasons to have a new-built green oak framed house made by us:

1. Our designs incorporate ancient tradition of hand made oak buildings with many examples still around and in use even after 500 years.

2. Our buildings are made using sustainable timber sources and therefore are very eco-friendly. Oaks are cut down, sawn, delivered and made into a house leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Trees come from renewable resources where, for every one tree cut, two new trees are planted. Some of our Clients can provide their own oak trees which we can source, choose and convert from your own woodland. In comparison to conventionally built brick or concrete houses oak framed houses are very green.

3. New oak framed houses are more energy efficient than the historical examples we see, thanks to incorporating modern insulating technology. We recommend showing timbers on maybe, one rather than both sides. Perhaps the charm and character of the exposed timber can be visible internally for the inhabitans to enjoy, whilst covering some external walls with insulating panels, thus making it cheaper and more efficient to heat. Alternatively, the timber framing can be shown on some external elevations and the inner walls can be insulated for warmth.

4. We make all our buildings by hand, so each house is completely unique and can, if so required, be personalised by adding decorative elements such as carvings and mouldings. This has been done for centuries where the newly built house often reflected the status and importance of it's owner by having elaborate decorations carried out by skilled craftsmen.

5. Because we are a small company and our overheads are fairly small (sorry no red carpets and glossy brochures!) we can compete with other timber frame companies without compromising on the quality of our buildings.

6. We are a very experinced and professional company, and have been providing our services for over 20 years with the majority of our Clients coming to us from other Clients' recommendations. We are quite used to dealling with all the authorities involved (e.g. planners and building regs) as well as giving consultation and advice to our Customers.

7. If you are considering having your own new green oak timber framed house built, please ring us now on the UK mobile: 07909730997 for more information or a FREE quote.

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